Louis Vuitton Black Epi Simple Card Holder Review

Looking for a new card case? This LV Simple Card Holder might be the one you’ve been looking for.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Simple Card Case Review | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Simple Card Case Review | CoffeeAndHandbags.comLV Epi Leather Card Holder | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

Louis Vuitton Simple Card Holder

What I love: I’ve been carrying this card case for about 2 years now. I downsized from a Balenciaga bi-fold wallet that doubled as a clutch because I started only carrying small crossbody bags. I only carry about 6 cards at a time—two in the front slot, two in the back slot, and two or three in the center. Not being able to carry a ton of cards means I don’t end up carrying around 4 coffee frequent buyer stamp cards and rewards cards to places I go once a year. Instead, I’m mindful about what I carry and I know where my card case is at all times.

But how do I carry cash? Well, I don’t. If I need to, I have a separate zip pouch for cash or I fold it and put it in the center compartment of my card case.

My other favorite feature? I really like how low-key this card holder is. It doesn’t scream Louis Vuitton, which isn’t the look I want all the time. The Epi leather isn’t flashy but if you know LV, you know Epi leather.

How does the LV Epi Card Holder wear?

Like I said, I’ve been carrying it with me for over 2 years, which means it’s been in every purse and traveled to 10 countries with me. Given that, I’d say it’s wearing incredibly well. I believe that it’s unreasonable to assume that something you carry every single day is completely indestructible and immune to wear-and-tear, even if it’s a luxury item.

After two years, the only visible wear-and-tear is a popped stitch at the top corner. I took it to LV, who said they would send it to France to be repaired for $30. I thought that was a fair price given how much I use this piece, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on sending it to France yet because I don’t want to stop using it.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Simple Card Case Wear-and-Tear Review | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Simple Card Case Review | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

What’s in your bag? Do you like the look of this card holder?

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