Bag Review: Givenchy Mini Antigona Bag

It’s time to check off a box on my handbag wishlist! It’s the Givenchy Mini Antigona. Read my bag review.

Gimme a pen, it’s time to check off a box on my handbag wishlist! It’s the Givenchy Mini Antigona.

When the Givenchy Antigona came out in the mid-10’s, I knew it was going on my wishlist. I loved the structured shape, rigid top handles, triangular logo detail, and the chunky zip.

My aesthetic eye appreciates sturdy, bold hardware, especially if it has an edgy design; the Antigona has this cool-looking metal base of the strap that’s subtle against the structure of the bag but still adds an interesting detail if you looks close enough.

I tried the larger sizes but didn’t like the short shoulder strap. I don’t like carrying big, heavy bags on my weak shoulders. If I’m going to have a shoulder strap, it needs to be a crossbody bag to distribute weight.

Bag Review: Givenchy Calfskin Mini Antigona

Then I saw the Mini Antigona. When the opportunity to purchase a pre-owned Mini Antigona came across my iPhone screen, I weighed the pros and cons for about 5 seconds before I added to cart. It arrived at my door a few days later.

What I love:

The Mini Antigona is trapezoid-shaped handbag with a triangular Givenchy patch, oversized zipper closures, and metal details. On my bag, a limited edition style, it has a small metal bar below the Givenchy patch for an edgy detail.

  • Retail price for Givenchy Metal Mini Antigona: $1850
  • What I paid pre-owned: $1245
  • Size: 9″W x 7″H x 5″D
  • Opening: zip top closure with leather pull
  • Interior: Woven textile fabric with one zip pocket and two open side pockets

What I don’t like:

Randomly, the shoulder strap comes unhooked. It doesn’t happen too much, but it’s definitely on my “dislike” list. This happens with my Alma BB too. This leather is super durable but it CAN get scratched and leave a scar (it’s skin, after all ). That’s all I got.

What fits inside the Givenchy Mini Antigona

  • iPhone
  • Louis Vuitton Zip Key Pouch
  • Louis Vuitton Simple Card Holder
  • Port and Polish Pill Box
  • Headphones
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Apple AirPods

Size comparison: Givenchy Mini Antigona vs. Louis Vuitton Alma BB

When considering if I should get the Mini Antigona, I thought the size and shape were too similar to my favorite bag, the Louis Vuitton Alma BB. Once I convinced myself that the silhouettes were different; the Givenchy has straight lines and a zip that only spans the top, while the Alma has a rounded silhouette and a zip that goes around the side and top. Plus, I reasoned, the rigid top handles on the Givenchy were different than the drop top handles on the Alma BB. And the Givenchy Mini Antigona is slightly larger than the Louis Vuitton Alma BB, so maybe I could fit my Kindle and then some.

Givenchy Mini Antigona dimensions: 11” x 5.9” x 9.8”

Louis Vuitton Alma BB dimensions: 9.5″ L x 4.75″ W x 7″ H

Givenchy Antigona Mini vs. Louis Vuitton Alma BB
Givenchy Antigona Mini vs. Louis Vuitton Alma BB vs. Marc Jacobs Snapshot

How does the Givenchy Mini Antigona wear?

My Mini Antigona bag is made of grained calfskin leather, which is prone to scratching and fading. Many Givenchy Mini Antigona bags are made of pebbled “Sugar” Goatskin leather, which is more durable and can be cleaned. Some are made of smooth, shiny Box calfskin leather that is especially prone to scratches. Overall, I would recommend the Mini Antigona in Sugar leather or Calfskin leather if you’re rough with bags.

Isn’t it beautiful?

By Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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