Coach x Keith Haring Collection is kinda bonkers but kinda cool

A round-up of a few of the best pieces from the Coach x Keith Haring collab

Coach has created a collection to pay homage to AIDS activist and art icon Keith Haring in partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation. Coach’s signature craft and American attitude create a super cool and unexpected collection with Keith Haring’s iconic illustrations.

I’m a long time Coach leather goods fan. Like some of you, my very first handbag was Coach and I carried their bags for years: from a tiny black leather hobo bag in middle school to a larger structured white leather shoulder bag in high school to a black leather wristlet I still use to this day as a lipstick case and a vintage brown leather Dinky bag that I scoured eBay for years back. I like a lot of Coach’s designs and I love that they are made in the USA.

My admiration and history with Keith Haring is similar: something I’ve loved since my childhood. My parents admired his artwork, family friends with paintings on their walls line my memories and I’m sure a hip dentist I went to had his art on the walls too.

Keith Haring was a prominent NYC artist in the 80s. Sadly, like so many men in the 80s, he died of AIDS. His art often expressed concepts related to birth, death, war, love, peace, community, and sexuality.

He was an iconic, badass graphic artist who created exuberant graffiti-like drawings of familiar shapes like barking dogs, dancing chalk outlines and flying saucers. It was fun, and captured the spirit of NYC in the 80s and 90s.

Together, Coach and late Keith Haring’s estate have come up with a limited edition collaboration that’s whimsical, modern and perfect for young fashionistas, modern gala goers, bloggers, and/or fashion influencers… and at a somewhat reasonable price point with a late-80s/90s America flare. Designed with bold embroidery of motifs and lined with Keith Haring’s take on prairie florals, these pieces try hard to be cool, and some of the time they succeed.

Coach X Keith Haring Collab Favorites

Some of the pieces are not my style, but some of them are oddly appealing. Coach’s designs are functional and classic and paired with Keith Haring’s badass art, there are definite wins in this collection.

Coach x Keith Haring White Crossbody Clutch — $195

I didn’t know I needed a white leather crossbody with a pink shape of an alligator man dancing but maybe I fucking do. And it’s two zip compartments? And it’s got a cute floral interior?! This bag is my #aestheticgoals. Here, Coach—take my $195.

Coach x Keith Haring Monster Black Leather Zip Pouch — $295

I don’t know what that shape is but I’m feeling it.Coach x Keith Haring Monster Black Leather Zip Pouch

Coach x Keith Haring Market Tote — $350

You don’t need to be an X Files superfan to need a UFO on your new tote. I’m not really into the weird green/purple gradient but that’s just me.

Coach x Keith Haring UFO Market Tote

Coach x Keith Haring Rogue 25 Heart — $650

The Rogue 25 design is nice; I’m surprised that this is my first time admiring it. The structure, those top handles, and even the leather sequin pink heart (it borders on tacky but I’m not mad).

Coach x Keith Haring Riley In Signature Patchwork — $695

I think this is cool… it’s kind of an throwback but also fun and cheeky. Also, it has a metal frame coin pouch on the back, which is a pretty badass detail and an impressive feat of design.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed with Louis Vuitton My LV World Tour and Gucci’s wacky embroidery, etc., there’s something weird happening where luxury brands are mimicking the sticker/patch design that we DIYed as youth. We handpicked pins and patches to create bespoke accessories that showed little pieces of ourselves and our memories—but now these brands deciding what we say about ourselves instead.

Coach x Keith Haring Riley In Signature Patchwork

Coach x Keith Haring Metallic Smoke Oil Slick Heart Frame Pouch — $175

This is just really fucking cool. The oil slick leather sequin heart is unexpected; I’ve never seen that before. Silver leather is underrated.

Frame pouches are classic—do you remember your grandma carrying a coin pouch? Did you have one as a little girl? Women used to carry things like this around because they didn’t need to carry anything, now we use them as a tiny removable compartment in our big totes because we have so much to carry.

Coach x Keith Haring Metallic Smoke Sequin Heart Frame Coin Purse

Coach x Keith Haring Ice Blue Heart Camera Bag — $295

Why don’t you need a small blue crossbody with a heart on it? Hello beautiful leather. Look at that blue/natural leather shoulder strap. That’s nice.

Coach X Keith Haring Heart Crossbody Camera BagCoach X Keith Haring Sequin Heart Camera Crossbody Bag

Coach x Keith Haring Ice Blue Heart Market Tote — $395

Girly and cute but still fashion-forward. The black border and lines around the heart makes this heart tote look more cool than kindergarten.

Coach X Keith Haring Small Zip Wallet — $125

Uhhh, is this the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the romantic gal in your life?! Somehow a simple heart becomes modern AF when it’s by Keith Haring?


Coach x Keith Haring Pouch — $150

This goth tropical scene looks so damn cool with a Keith Haring Monster graphic on it. Wow. Hi.

Coach x Keith Haring Emerald Green Leather Zip Pouch — $295

This green + black combo initially feels like a “no” but I still feel oddly attracted to it. Is it the dancing alligator man barking at me to unzip? We’ll never know.

Coach x Keith Haring Emerald Green Leather Zip Pouch

Coach x Keith Haring Card Holder — $95

Both of these would look so cute in your Instagram #CoffeeAndHandbags flat lays.

Coach x Keith Haring Pink Leather Heart Card CaseCoach x Keith Haring Black Leather Card Case

Bottom line, I really like a few of these pieces. I could picture them in my collection, but I think I have a few more things on my wishlist that I want more. That said, I’m accepting gifts and would love the little white crossbody or that silver heart coin purse. Paging Coach PR department…

What do you think about the Coach x Keith Haring collection?

By Becca Luna

Seattle-based remote ACD and Senior Copywriter

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