Bag Review: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag

Got your eye on the super popular Gucci Marmont? Don’t wait—go get one!

New in: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag!

This is my very first Gucci bag ever.

I’ve been admiring the Gucci Marmont collection since it first came on the market. I wasn’t a huge fan of Gucci designs before, aside from their brand history (like Hermes, they started out making equestrian accessories like bits and saddles). I’d admire details like the red/green Gucci webbing but I didn’t love it. The Soho collection is classic but I didn’t like the tassel; the GG monogram isn’t really my style; Guccissima (the leather embossed Gucci monogram), is durable and classic but the only style I considered was the Sukey, but it felt kinda dated too.

Then Gucci Marmont bags started popping up on my instagram. That gold GG logo and chevron quilting ignited something in my soul. Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele worked tirelessly to get these bags into the hands of influencers and has brought Gucci a huge amount of success in the last two years. Now in charge of the direction of the company, he has brought the brand into the new era to appeal to a younger demographic.

The GG Marmont design is inspired by a buckle Gucci used in the 1970s. Each bag features a bold GG logo motif as the main ornament with details like chevron quilting, The designs are both daring and compelling, perfect for young fashionistas and Instagram influencers.

When a Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag in Black popped up on Yoogi’s Closet, I grabbed my Louis Vuitton Epi card case and pulled out my credit card. I was sooooooo excited when the tracking number arrived in my email inbox that said she would arrive at my house THE NEXT DAY. Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag Review |

I waited for UPS in my living room all day for that box. When the UPS guy finally walked up to my door, I told him I’d been waiting all day for him. It must be nice to have that kind of power.

Bag Review: Gucci Marmont Matelasse Mini Camera Bag

Basically… I LOVE IT. It’s small in size but big in style. It looks good with every outfit, whether I’m wearing my Mackage leather jacket or Northface rain jacket. I’ve worn it grocery shopping and out to dinner; it’s safe to say I love how versatile this bag is. It’s one of my more “flashy” bags, in that it’s a familiar logo that non-handbag people know, so I do try to be careful if I’m in public.

What I love: This is one of my most photogenic bags—it’s so dang cute! I love the chevron quilted smooth leather and gold interlocking G logo on the front with an embroidered GG on the rear. The bag opens with a leather zipper pull that’s really easy to use and doesn’t get in the way. The strap has a chain base and a long leather piece for comfort. I usually leave it unzipped, but sometimes when I grab the bag, it kinda tips over but I’ve never had my stuff fall out.

  • Current Retail Price: $980
  • What I paid pre-owned: $795
  • Size: 7″ L x 2.4″ W x 4.75″ H
  • Opening: zip top closure with leather pull
  • Interior: microfiber suede-like lining with one flat pocket
  • Style number: 448065 (on the underside of the interior leather tag)

What I don’t like: the interior is a little staticky, sometimes my items get stuck to it. The strap is a little long on me—I’m 5’1″ and it sits right at my hip. The strap is shorter than a Chanel WOC though!

Starbucks coffee and Gucci Marmont handbag | CoffeeAndHandbags.comGucci Marmont handbag and latte art |

Gucci Marmont Chevron Quilted Mini Camera Bag mod shot |

What fits inside the Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Louis Vuitton Zip Key Pouch
  • Louis Vuitton Simple Card Holder
  • Port and Polish Pill Box
  • Headphones
  • Keys
  • One or two lipsticks

So, it’s just enough for an evening out or a light daytime outing.

Size comparison: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag versus Louis Vuitton Favorite PM and YSL Chain Wallet

Gucci Marmont Mini Camera size comparison with LV Favorite PM and YSL WOC |

How does the Gucci Marmont wear?

When I got it from Yoogi’s Closet, it had a very small loose thread on the back. I kinda freaked at first, and considered bringing it somewhere to be repaired, but I changed my mind and used nail clippers to snip it. I’m keeping my eye on it and I’m trying not to let it bother me. Gucci Marmont loose thread and wear

I’ve read about some issues with the piping on the bottom of the bag curling upwards, but mine seems to be fine.

The smooth leather seems durable and has no wrinkles so far.

On a recent trip, I bumped some rocks and scuffed one of the corners. Naturally, I freaked out. After I got home, I took a soft microfiber cloth and was able to buff out most of the scratches. I plan use a leather conditioner on it too to allow the leather to heal.

The interior microfiber lining is a bit static and loose things tend to stick to it. I had some lipstick melt into the lining and was able to clean it with Woolite.

Overall, I really love this bag. I love the gold hardware and quilted leather. It’s small but larger than my YSL chain wallet. I think it’s a classic bag that we’ll be seeing for years.

Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag Review |

By Becca Luna

Seattle-based remote ACD and Senior Copywriter

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