Bag Review: Pop and Suki Bigger Camera Bag

Should you buy a Pop and Suki Camera Bag?

The Pop and Suki Bigger Camera Bag continues to impress me with its style, versatility, and quality. The small rectangular bag has subtle rounded corners, two-way zip closure, CROC PRINT, and black metal hardware. I use my Camera bag way more than I thought I would and I love the croc texture.

Review: Pop and Suki Noir Croc Bigger Camera Bag

  • Current Retail Price: $235
  • Size: 5.7″ height x 7.8″ length x 2.1″ width
  • Opening: zip top closure with two-way zip closure
  • Exterior: Black shiny crocodile embossed leather with one flat pocket
  • Interior: microfiber suede-like lining with one flat pocket
  • Hardware: black matte coated metal

What I love: The shiny crocodile print leather is really, really incredible. The size fits just enough, and my iPhone 7 Plus fits in the outer flat pocket.

What I don’t like: This feels weird to say, but there’s nothing I don’t like about this bag.

I first blogged about Pop and Suki bags over a year ago, and I purchased the Bigger Camera Bag as a 30th birthday present to myself. After a year of wear, it barely shown any signs of use besides a few small scratches on the hardware and leather..

Pop and Suki Camera Bag size differences

Pop and Suki accidentally sent me the wrong size bag at first, I asked if I could hold onto it and take pix of the difference in size between the two. The mini camera bag is NOTICEABLY smaller, while the Bigger Camera Bag is a more usable size for everyday.

Camera Bag size: 4.45” height x 6.5” length x 1.9” width

Bigger Camera Bag size: 5.7″ height x 7.8″ length x 2.1″ width

Pop and Suki Camera Bag (left), and Pop and Suki Bigger Camera Bag (right)
Pop and Suki Camera Bag (left), and Pop and Suki Bigger Camera Bag (right)

By Becca Risa Luna

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