Recent reads: resale news, the huge counterfeit issue, and Chanel price increase

This week in handbag news: Resale news: Rebag launches Clair, The RealReal sells a fake, and Chanel raises prices

On Monday, I had a phone call with a company that wanted to speak to me about my knowledge of the resale market. I have a very popular article about authentication in the resale market on Medium, which has been a long-time passion of mine. I talked for an hour about the resale market, counterfeits, and authentication.

Coincidentally, the resale market was also big in the news this week. Forbes posted about a fake being purchased on TheRealReal and Rebag launched Clair, an appraisal tool to make shopping in the resale market easier, similar to how people shop for used cars. Chanel raised their prices, and I wrote about sustainable shoes for Jojotastic. Scroll for links!

Rebag launches Clair, Universal Appraisal Index for luxury handbags

Clair is an easy-to-use luxury appraisal index that instantly generates the resale value of 10,000 bags and counting from 50+ designers, created to empower all bag lovers who buy and sell in resale. The hope is that this tool will help customers invest in bags like they do in stocks or cars.

Chanel price increase!

Watching Chanel bags increase in value like 🤑🤑🤑

Why didn’t I buy a Chanel bag in 2003? in 2011? 2015? Ugh. I wrote an article for Yoogi’s Closet during last year’s November price increase with a nice chart about the price of Jumbo Classic Flap which will now sell for $6400. When I started working in the resale industry in 2011, a Jumbo Classic Flap was $3900.

The RealReal sells another fake. How can the resale business ever succeed?

Oh gosh, not again. Just kidding, I’m not at all surprised.

This Forbes article is really good, full of thorough investigation and info about the industry. See the real vs. fake Dior Book tote comparison. Open the next link in another tab to read next.

The RealReal Authentication Process EXPOSED (all caps for emphasis)

Inexperienced copywriters are reportedly responsible for authenticating items at the RealReal as a part of their state-of-the-art authentication system (pretty sure that’s marketing for ‘we use a magnifying glass’), sometimes processing over 120 items in one day. Sounds like those Copywriters need a RAISE.

With The Secondhand Designer Market Booming, Consumers Should Be Wary Of Fakes

Spoiler alert: there are counterfeits.

7 Ethical, Eco-Friendly Shoe Brands

As a fashion blogger, I’m faced with the unique challenge of encouraging people to purchase new accessories, which gives me a lot of power to influence behavior away from mass consumption and fast fashion to ethical brands and investment pieces. This article I wrote for Jojotastic covers info about what makes a brand sustainable or ethical and some of my fave shoes!

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This was so interesting. Very controversial the counterfeit issue, but the REAL REAL brings it like no other resale at the same time. Unparalleled product selection….


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