Does Punk-Inspired Fashion Have A Place In Luxury?

Pierre Hardy on giving punk a luxurious revival for Hermès

How do you bring punk to a label like luxury fashion that is so often associated with sophistication and elegance?

At Hermès, we all have been thinking about the meaning of objects. In this reflection, it happened that the safety pin appeared as one of the strongest and simplest object with an obvious use; universal, common, and sort of an icon of an efficient answer to a need. Its shape is the result of an absolute function, minimal technology, without any concern to aesthetic. But, it is also a strong symbol. It seemed that it could be perfect to turn into a Hermès object; to turn it into its opposite: a precious and sensual shape

When looking at the history of punk, were there any aspects of the movement that resonated with you?

It was my youth! The energy, the strength of provocation, the unconventional expectations was a big part of this moment. It also brought a very different and new sense of was beauty.

What were the challenges in upgrading punk in the context of luxury fashion?

I wanted to give the safety pin a new life, keeping its provocative power from its punk years, using its ability to create a link, or a locker, but turn it into a precious symbol how beautiful could be simplicity. I tried to make it more feminine, more sensual, more precious also, smoothing the surface, introducing more fluidity in the lines, more tension in the drawing.

—Pierre Hardy, Vogue India, 2017

By Becca Luna

Seattle-based remote ACD and Senior Copywriter

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