Bag Lover’s Gift Guide (Under $100!)

Accessories for the handbag obsessed.

Is your loved one a handbag collector? Show them you still love them even though they have an expensive habit by getting them one of these bag-related gifts. These accessories-for-accessories range from ways to keep bags off the floor, to ways to maintain the beauty of their handbags.

Everything on this list is under $100. Happy shopping!

Luxe Bag Care Acrylic Handbag Hanger

Every bag lover needs a LuxeBagCare hanger to properly display their handbags in their closet. This sturdy bag hanger maintains the shape of the handles in a way that no other bag hanger on the market can. 

LuxeBagCare Acrylic Handbag Hanger, $20

Bagnet magnetic handbag hanger

Keep handbags off the ground! The Bagnet is a bag charm with a super strong magnet inside, perfect for hanging a bag on the side of bathroom stalls or on tables at restaurants when there’s no hooks. 

The Bagnet, $24.99

Oliver Gal’s fashion art is perfect for the glam lover. 

The Oliver Gal Artist Co.,Trunk Full of Flowers, $74

Mautto’s handmade straps are the go-to for bag lovers who want to add a different look or functional to their bag.

Mautto, $53 

Keep your purse organized with this Leatherology Large Accessories Pouch.

Leatherology Large Accessory Pouch, $95

Clipa2 Metal Handbag Hanger

Clipa works in just a half an inch of space with sturdy, non-slip pads that grip securely to most surfaces. 

Clipa2, The Instant Bag Hanger, $14.99 

Cadillac Leather Care Kit

The holy grail leather cleaning kit works on every kind of leather from natural vachetta (the kind on Louis Vuitton Monogram bags) to pebbled leather. 

Cadillac Select Premium Leather Care Kit, $29.99

Handbag Raincoat

As seen on Shark Tank! The Handbag Raincoat protects handbags in the rain. You wouldn’t want your $3000 handbag to get wet, would you?

Handbag Raincoat, $11

Samorga felt bag organizer for Louis Vuitton bags

For the bag lover that’s always searching through their bag to find their keys/phone/lipstick, a Samorga bag organizer is the perfect gift. These thick felt liners come in a variety of colors and sizes for the most popular bags like the Louis Vuitton Speedy and Neverfull. 

Samorga, $40-$80

DustyLuxeBags Custom Dust Bag

For the handbag lover who has so many bags in their closet that they forget what’s what– treat them to a premium custom-designed dustbag, complete with a photograph on the front to remind them what’s inside.

DustyLuxeBags, $33

This star-embossed Madewell clutch is festive enough to give as a holiday gift and versatile enough to use all year as a clutch or inside a larger bag. 

Madewell, $40.88

Probably the only thing at Bloomingdale’s I can afford, the most adorable teeny tiny shopping bag. 

Bloomingdale’s, $12

This super cool dinosaur bag charm is perfect for keys or to clip on a bag.

Coach, $85

By Becca Luna

Seattle-based remote ACD and Senior Copywriter

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