Designer Handbag Weekend Wishlist Round-Up | October 20, 2018

I will not buy a new handbag this week. I will not buy a new handbag this week. I will not buy a new handbag this week.

Every week, I obsess over something new; whether it’s a design I’ve just discovered or a bag to buy in the future.

I do deep-dive searches on luxury consignment resale sites (I usually cycle through searching on Yoogi’s Closet, Fashionphile, The Real Real, Poshmark, FB Groups, etc. ) to see if I can find a deal in an obsessive haze. I constantly look at Instagram and Pinterest for new bags. I search magazines and blogs. I look at high-end retail websites and on Etsy. I watch YouTubers and bag reviews. Basically, I am always browsing and finding new bags to lust after… or to add to my cart and had to convince myself that I didn’t need it.

This post, the Weekend Wishlist, will feature a few of the bags I’ve had my eye on over the week or the styles I’ve been researching. Of note, I have an affinity towards black bags… many bags listed here do come in other colors. I just really like black.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a small amount if you buy one something through a link on this page, at zero cost to you. So please, click away!

Saint Laurent Sheepskin Medium Tri-Quilt College Monogram Satchel Black, $1705

(original retail price is $2350)

Saint Laurent Mixed Matelasse Monogram College Bag

A medium-sized flap bag with bold hardware, chain straps, and a magnetic snap? Be still, my heart.   Admittedly, I sold my YSL pink chain wallet a few weeks ago and have a YSL-logo shaped void in my heart now.  I’ve been looking for a replacement, either WOC-sized or perhaps a little larger, like this Saint Laurent College bag. On this bag, the juxtaposition of diamond quilting and vertical/chevron quilting creates a cool, biker-chic look that’s nice for every day.   Get it.

Pop & Suki Camera Bag in Noir Croc, $205


This week, I found myself lusting after crocodile/alligator embossed black leather after the Pop & Suki Camera bag appeared on their website for a cool $205. I’m swooning over this bag. The shape is small and classic, plus the embossed leather, matte black coated hardware and a crossbody strap… ugh, it’s so beautiful.  Here, the structured, soft-rounded shape of the bag mimics and compliments the shape of the embossed leather scales, which will also help maintain the leather over time.

In browsing, I realize Pop and Suki offers the opportunity to customize the bag with your name on the front or bottom in four different font options (which I would not do, btw). I played around with my name on this bag for a few minutes, and came to the conclusion, like I have many times before, in doing this exact same exercise, that I am not a “monogrammer.”

According to their site, this bag won’t ship until November 28, making it a really good holiday gift (or, like, for a birthday gift… mine is December 16 btw).  Get it.

Leatherology’s Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag, $180

Leatherology Red Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag

The Leatherology Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag is a simple, classic design that I’ve been thinking about investing in. While I have an affinity for designer bags, sometimes I want a no-fuss nice leather bag. The Meadow Double Zip is divided into two zipped compartments. The Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag comes with two strap options – a wide ultra-comfortable Guitar Crossbody Strap or an understated Thin Crossbody Strap. It comes in eleven different colors in Leatherolgy’s full grain leather in classic or pebbled leather, but I’ve got a crush on this Scarlet red one right now. I don’t have any red bags in my collection, something I think I would use in the coming fall/winter months, but not a designer bag since I’m not as likely to carry it as much. Get it.

Rebecca Minkoff Jean Leather Crossbody Bag, $198

Rebecca Minkoff Black Leather Jean Crossbody BagThis small textured leather Rebecca Minkoff Jean bag originally caught my eye with its giant door-knocker-inspired ring flip-lock, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. The leather, which is textured with small pebbles, like Chanel’s Caviar leather or YSL’s Grain de Poudre, is durable and won’t scratch easily… which is something I look for in my bags.  I also really like the hardware on the top of the bag for the strap to attach to (which also protects the bag), and allows you to attach a different strap entirely if you want. Get it.

AllSaints Kepi Circle Crossbody Bag, $152.76 (on sale)

(original retail price is $228)

AllSaints Black Leather Kepi Circle Crossbody Bag

You are going to see the circle bag a lot more in the next coming seasons. Inspired by vintage hat boxes, the circle bag has gotten smaller and a lot more chic. What I really want is Mansur Gavriel’s Circle Crossbody, but I can’t afford that right now.

I found this AllSaints bag on sale for $152 and immediately added it to my cart. I’ve talked about AllSaints here in the past, admiring their modern design and leather quality (I’ve heard they use the same leather artisans and manufacturers as Prada). On this bag, I hate the tassels, especially how they look on Nordstrom’s product images (honestly they like leather pigtails) but after I looked through all the product images, the tassels look like they are removable.


Doughnut Mini Macaroon Backpack, $78

Doughnut Mini Macaroon Black Series Backpack

Doughnut Rose Mini Macaroon Backpack

I read an article the other day that more women were ditching handbags in favor of backpacks… which makes a lot more sense if you’re commuting. When I was commuting via bus full time, I’d have my laptop, lunch, water bottle, extra jacket, etc., all stuffed in my tote bag. My shoulders ached and my knees started to hurt from the uneven weight bearing down on me. I’d switch shoulders ever couple of minutes, which also sucked. Human bodies were made to carry weight symmetrically… and a tote does the opposite of that. It shifts all the weight you’re carrying on one shoulder.

So, I stored my Cuyana leather tote away and switched to a Fjall Raven backpack and a small Everlane backpack for days I needed to commute. I’m always looking for more backpacks, and came across this Doughnut Mini Macaron Backpack that feels rugged but stylish. Plus it comes in some fun colors. Get it.


I made it through writing this post without buying anything!

…But I did add that AllSaints Circle bag to my shopping cart. I’m hoping it’ll sit there until it sells out or if I return the boots I bought a few weeks ago and decide I should exchange them for a bag instead.

Do I need another bag? No. Do I want another bag? Always. It might be the thrill of getting something new. Maybe it’s fulfilling some kind of need I have for different styles for different occasions, like I’m filling out a handbag bingo. Regardless, I seem to find something new to obsess after every week, and maybe by writing about them, I’ll stop myself from actually buying them. I’m hoping this becomes a new series on this blog, so let me know if you like it.


By Becca Luna

Seattle-based remote ACD and Senior Copywriter

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