Strathberry MC Nano Bag Review

Retail price: $350; Size: very tiny.

Strathberry is a new brand on my radar, but I fell into a deep frenzy while researching them for the piece I wrote a few weeks ago on the best brands with handbags under $1000.

Strathberry, previously known as Strathberry of Scotland, is a Scottish luxury fashion accessories company co-founded in 2011 by Clare Robertson, Guy Hundleby, and Leeanne Hundleby. Strathberry is based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, but their handbags are handcrafted in Spain.

Strathberry really came onto my radar when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex carried the Strathberry Midi Tote during her very first official engagement. The bag in the color that she carried sold out within 11 minutes of her being seen with it.

After seeing the bag for myself, I started reading about their Spanish workshops and how their signature metal bar is made. I found myself thinking of that metal, which serves a dual purpose as a minimal yet bold hardware detail for aesthetics and for function as a closure. I love the Strathberry Midi Tote but couldn’t justify spending $675 on a larger bag right now.

I searched for Strathberry on Poshmark, where I had credit from selling a few bags, and there it was: a Ruby Red MC Mini Bag with that sleek gold bar and bright red smooth leather. I swooned, and imagined my all black outfits with a bright pop of red Strathberry. Order Placed. I obsessively checked the tracking for a week before she arrived at my door.

The MC Nano is inspired by the timeless music case with the iconic Strathberry bar closure and a flap-style closure.  It has an interior pocket, Strathberry branded hardware and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. All Strathberry bags are made in Spain using the finest calf leather and microfiber lining with a suede like finish.

Strathberry MC Nano Review

Leather: Luxurious and beautiful. Could scratch easily.

Hardware: sturdy, shiny, and feels expensive. Tasteful, minimal branding.

Size: VERY, VERY SMALL; Width:  7.1″, Height:  5.9″, Depth: 2.2″, Handle drop: 1.5″

Retail Price: $350.00

Final verdict on the Strathberry MC Nano

It’s BEAUTIFUL. The design is exquisite and Strathberry has created a truly beautiful luxury handbag at a mid-range price point.

My husband says that if I don’t immediately put all of my stuff inside the bag and demand we go somewhere, that I’ll likely return the bag. As I unboxed my new bag, I knew right away that she wasn’t the bag for me, but that Strathberry really knows what’s up.

So… I’m returning it. I am disappointed to return this bag because I really love the look of it… but the MC Nano is too small for me. I need to be able to carry at least my iPhone 7 Plus, keys, and card holder. Maybe this is one of those bags that’s just to carry your lipstick? Or if you’re so wealthy you don’t need to carry anything?

I still really love this design, especially the vertical bar, but I think the Strathberry Nano Tote ($420), Strathberry Midi Tote Bag ($675), or even the Strathberry East/West Crossbody ($700) might be better for me.  The Strathberry  Midi Tote looks really nice for day time or work.

The Strathberry Nano and the Strathberry MC Nano are very similar in size, but the MC has a flap style closure and a solid leather chain strap.

Strathberry MC Nano vs. Strathberry Nano Tote Sizes

Strathberry MC Nano 

Strathberry Nano Tote 

Pictures of the Strathberry Nano MC

Strathberry Ruby Red MC Nano |

Strathberry Ruby Red MC Nano |

Strathberry Ruby Red MC Nano Hardware Details |

Strathberry MC Nano vs Louis Vuitton Favorite PM size comparison
Strathberry MC Nano (top) and Louis Vuitton Favorite PM (bottom) size comparison

Strathberry Nano MC size comparison Favorite PM |

I’m sad about returning this bag, but I still have the Strathberry Midi Tote Bag ($675), or even the Strathberry East/West Crossbody ($700) on my wishlist.

Have you heard of Strathberry? What do you think of these bags?

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