Handbag Brand To Watch: RÉNA IMAN, Luxury Handbags With A Purpose

One of my favorite handbag vloggers, Minks4All, posted an Instagram Story a few months ago with a bag charm featuring a small gem. I loved its simplicity and looked up the brand, RÉNA IMAN. I was inspired by the design, and more importantly, the cause each bag and bag charm supports:  stopping domestic violence.

RÉNA IMAN is a socially-conscious luxury brand that makes luxury affordable, simultaneously joining the fight to end domestic violence and provide aid to its countless victims. A percentage of every purchase goes back to a local and national charity to collectively help change the lives of women and stop violence against women.

RÉNA IMAN handcrafted leather goods are designed by an amazing woman, Reana Muhammad.  When I spoke with Reana over email about her first hand experience working with domestic violence survivors, she said, “Seeing how resources were limited to low income families a lot of them gave up on trying to leave and lived in fear for years to just keep a roof over there heads.” She knew she had to do something to help.  “I never wanted another women to have to face death before she was able to walk away for her abuser. ”

To help this very serious cause, RÉNA IMAN donates to the Virginia statewide coalition for domestic violence and sexual assault, and a national domestic violence and sexual assault charity.

Each product has been named after a strong female figure in her life. The handbags are minimal and classic with simple, sleek lines. Each bag charm is chosen by the customer for a personalized touch using semi-precious stones.

This is a cause I care a lot about because I was a victim of domestic violence over 10 years ago; I went to a local domestic violence resource center and they helped me find the support I needed.

Luxury with a purpose is something I can get behind.

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The RÉNA IMAN Collection:

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Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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