Bag of the day: Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Crossbody

bag review of proenza schouler’s inconspicuously amazing PS1 Mini crossbody bag

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Almond Milk Vanilla Latte at Olympia Coffee Roasters

Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Crossbody

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag Review of the day

tldr; not flashy, very functional, great small crossbody.

I went out for the day to run errands with my PS1 Mini Crossbody, which I reach for a lot more than I thought I would. when I first got this bag, at the same time I got my PS11, I wasn’t sure if I would use it. it’s a fairly plain design, whereas I usually like bags with an edge, like shiny studded hardware on my Balenciaga City or a flashy, it bag like my Gucci Marmont.

Though the PS1 a luxury designer bag, it’s not a well-known bag. it’s inconspicuous.

When I consider buying a designer bag, I think of my motive for the bag at large: what kind of message does this bag send the world? Will someone look at it and know it’s a luxury bag? will “bag ladies” know that I’m in their club? will a “fashion person” see me, my “modern chic” all-black-everything outfit, and my bag, and want to hire me based on how I’m dressed (please universe, let this happen to me some day).

We carry these things as utility to carry our stuff but also, for some of us, as a statement to the world, as if to say “hey, I can afford this.” sometimes I worry people judge me for it, like, “I could never spend $900 on a handbag”.

If you are into handbags, you’ll know it the PS1 immediately, but a normal person walking down the street won’t. sometimes, I don’t want to risk the judgement.

Or worse, like getting robbed. is that a thing you worry about or is it just my neurotic personality? if I’m carrying a mass media known bag with a huge luxury brand logo, I worry about theft.

The point is—I don’t have to worry about that with this bag.

Plus, the PS1 Mini Crossbody is just a really good bag. the flap top opens with a flip of a flat buckle and inside is pretty spacious for a little bag. I can comfortably fit my “minimal handbag” things: keys, iPhone 7 Plus, lipstick, port and polish pill box, Apple EarPods, and there’s still room for a few other things. the PS1 Mini Crossbody fits way more than a Chanel WOC, YSL WOC, or an LV Favorite PM.

Since this blog is called coffee and handbags, I better touch on the other subject too.

The almond milk vanilla latte was great. I don’t want to get very technical about coffee, because I’m not a trained barista or anything, I just love to drink it.  I measure how much I like a coffee drink based on if I finished it or not. sometimes, lattes (and espresso drinks in general) have a tendency to be too bitter for me, so I don’t finish the drink.

Disclaimer: I’m sorry to all the hard-working baristas out there. I know you worked hard to steam my foam into a perfect crema but I just can’t. it’s not you, it’s me.

So, the cafe. Olympia Coffee in West Seattle is my favorite local coffee shop—I go there at least once a week for their award-winning coffee beans, life-changing pastries from bakehouse 55, and for the ambiance.

The cafe has these luxe-yet-faux-marble tables that each have a custom gold inlay. I’m pretty sure they’re just some kind of countertop that looks just like real stone but isn’t? I have major table envy, which I wasn’t sure was a thing. I keep imagining this design on small tables outside on my front patio. something simple, but with a touch of modernity to bring it into 2018.

That’s all for today.

with love,

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Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Crossbody & Latte at Olympia Coffee Roasters |

Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Crossbody & Latte at Olympia Coffee Roasters |

Olympia Coffee Roasters in Seattle, WA

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