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Wishlist & Try On: Chanel New Mini Classic Flap Bag

Chanel New Mini Classic Flap Bag
Current retail price: $3300
Style Numbers: A65050 (with 4 holes), New Mini A69900 (with 2 holes)

There are two different versions of the Chanel New Mini Classic Flap: two holes and four holes. By that, I’m referring to the holes at the top of the bag for the strap to loop through. With 4 holes, it’s easier to shorten the chain and wear it with double chains on the shoulder. Due to the absence of a double flap, the New Mini can fit more than the small sized Chanel flap. The 2 hole New Mini Classic Flap ends up being the perfect small crossbody bag.

Chanel Black Quilted Patent Leather New Mini Flap Bag.jpg

I’ve tried all styles of Chanel bags and I’ve decided the Chanel New Mini Classic Flap Bag is the Chanel bag I want.

A few weeks ago I went to the Chanel boutique inside Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle. I usually try to go the boutiques every month or two to see what’s new for the season.

I just want to look, never speak to an SA because I know I’m not planning on buying anything that day. SA’s usually ignore me because I’m not actively engaged with them.

But this time, I wanted to ask a few questions. I’ve had my eye on a Caviar card case, and wanted to see one IRL. I looked around for a little while before asking to see a Black Caviar and Red Caviar Classic Card Case, which are priced at $400 each. They were beautiful.

Truth be told, I’ve never purchased any luxury items brand new from a boutique. All of my luxury bags, small leather goods, and accessories were purchased pre-owned or at sample sales.

I’m hoping the Chanel New Mini can be the one—though I’d be happy with pre-owned.

But they’re really hard to get. Not only does Chanel only make a few hundred a year, but they are very hard to find pre-owned because people keep them forever. Because Chanel minis are not considered part of the permanent line (small classic flap, the M/L, the jumbo and the maxi), they are released as seasonal bags. That means the Chanel New Mini is a seasonal bag and is only released in batches whenever Chanel feels like it.

I told the SA I wanted to buy a Chanel New Mini, knowing I wasn’t actually going to be able to walk away with one.

I wasn’t anticipating the SA catapulting into her rant about “wishlist” items. She asked me what I wanted, what color, leather, style, etc. It almost felt like a test to see if I was a serious buyer.

“Classic New Mini, the Rectangle one, in Black Caviar,” I stuttered. Somehow, in the face of this Chanel Sales Associate, I forgot my encyclopedia of Chanel knowledge. I reminded myself that I probably knew more than she did, and kept talking. “I would prefer shiny silver or shiny gold.”

She wrote down what I wanted on a piece of scrap paper with my name and phone number, which felt a little unprofessional.

The next thing out of her mouth was the worst seven words I’ve heard all year:

“It could be up to two years.”


That’s so dang long, but also two years to get my finances in a place where I can afford a Chanel bag, go on vacation, and donate to the causes I support.

I left the store feeling a little deflated but also hopeful that someday, maybe I’ll own a brand new Chanel bag.

I’ll keep looking on the pre-owned market, but the exact bag I want is few and far between. I’ve seen a few in the Chanel Addicted Buy and Sell Facebook group, but it makes me really nervous to buy from someone in a group. The bag could be fake, or I could get scammed.


I got to try on a Chanel Patent Leather New Mini Classic Flap today! I wasn’t expecting to love the patent leather, but the shiny gloss made it look so beautiful.

I’m 5’1″ and it feels like the perfect crossbody size. It only has a single flap with the Classic Chanel CC turn-lock on the front. SWOON. Should I get it? I really want one in Caviar leather (pebbled leather that’s more durable), but AHHH.

Chanel Black Patent Leather New Mini Classic Flap Bag | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

Chanel New Mini Classic Flap Bag | CoffeeAndHandbags.com

How to score a Chanel New Mini Flap bag:

Buy pre-owned from Yoogi’s Closet, Fashionphile.com, or TheRealReal.

  • Establish a relationship with a Sales Associate.
  • Keep track of release dates for Chanel Minis in the seasonal collections. The best place to do this is in the Chanel Mini Purse Forum Thread and the ‘Shopping’ thread in the Chanel section, which always have threads for the upcoming collections intel there on release dates.
  • When you find out an approximate release month for special releases, call your local Chanel store or go in to ask about new arrivals. Often SAs don’t have information about exact dates or what’s included, so just make sure they have your number to call or text you ASAP if they get a shipment in.
  • If your area has more than one Chanel boutique, call all of them to ask if your wishlist bag is there! Chanel may offer to search the ‘system’ for you to see if the bag you’re after is available in any of stores nearby, but proceed with caution because they do sell very fast.
  • Be persistent. Try calling between 10:00am and 11:00am before the store gets busy to see if they’ve received what you’re after in that day’s delivery.
  • If what you want comes in, go to the store ASAP to buy your new bag. The official policy is not to reserve items for customers, but most SAs will hold the bag for you for a couple of hours, especially if they know you.

Good luck!

Do you like the New Mini flap bag? Do you have one?

becca risa luna @ coffee and handbags

Love Your Handbags? Then You Need This Handbag Hanger NOW

You might be asking yourself, “why would I need a special hanger for my handbag?” To protect it, of course!

A few weeks ago, I got into a lengthy discussion with Malibu-based handbag repair store Purse Rehab, who recommended hanging handbags on a HANGER.

Wait, what?! This was contrary to my knowledge. Wouldn’t hanging a bag would stretch the straps or make them sag?

“Not if you use the right hanger,” Purse Rehab told me over Instagram DMs, “if you use a special acrylic hanger, you can protect the rounded shape of your handbags instead of stretching them out.”

Then I discovered LuxeBagCare on Instagram.

Luxe Bag Care’s website reads, “Protect your investment with the LBC Acrylic Handbag Hanger. It supports your bags’ straps, maintaining shape and integrity, and keeping sides crease-free.”

After DMing with LBC and finding out that the founder of the company, Robin, lives in my HOMETOWN, she sent me two hangers to try out!Acrylic Handbag Hanger by LuxeBagCare

I’ve always stored my bags on shelves, in their dust bags or in their boxes. It’d be a hassle to find the bag I wanted to use. Sometimes I’d even forget about bags because they were tucked away in their dust bags, hibernating from me. You won’t use what you can’t see, ya know?

This Luxe Bag Care Acrylic Handbag Hanger means that I can store my bag in my closet, ready to be carried at a moments notice. I may not hang them all the time, but it’s nice to have the option to hang in my closet to reach for.

Bonus: I carry it in my bigger bags to use on chairs at restaurants instead of hanging them awkwardly on the corner of the chair.

One of my favorite things about the internet is that I’ve been able to connect with some pretty amazing entrepreneurs. I DM’ed with Robin, Luxe Bag Care’s designer and creator, to find out that she molded and designed the hanger, then had it sent to China for manufacturing. She does the marketing, packing, and shipping all by herself. These are my favorite kind of businesses to support because you know she did it with passion and love.

Get yours: https://luxebagcare.com

LVMH Pumps Over $60 Million Into Lyst | BoF Exclusive

Read on www.businessoffashion.com/articles/bof-exclusive/lvmh-pumps-over-60-million-into-lyst

Business of Fashion reports, “Fashion platform Lyst has forged a strategic partnership with the world’s largest luxury conglomerate as the e-commerce market heats up. Lyst is raising $60 million of which LVMH has contributed roughly 45 percent, according to market sources. Lyst — essentially a digital shopping mall that aggregates millions of fashion products from brands, department stores and boutiques under one virtual roof.”

What does this mean for the future of luxury online shopping? With LVMH investing in Lyst, it shows that they know young luxury shoppers aren’t just going to boutiques to shop and browse—they research and buy online. About 9 percent of all luxury purchases happen online. It’s good to see a historic brand evolving and believing in technology, instead of ignoring it and being set in their ways.

What is Lyst doing with this investment? Business of Fashion reports, “Specifically, Lyst aims to allow consumers to discover fashion items by entering search terms like “Kardashian dress” or “job interview” much like they can find Spotify playlists that are perfect for workout sessions or weekend barbeques.

“Spotify was just a search platform. You had to search by artist or DJ, and it was quite a useful experience, but it was only helpful if you knew exactly what you wanted,” Morton explained. “But then we realized: customers don’t only search that way, they also searched by a mood, or by occasion or by other culturally relevant hooks.””

If you’re not familiar with the LVMH conglomerate, here’s a partial list some of LVMH’s best-known brands and subsidiaries:

Château Cheval Blanc
Dom Pérignon
Moët & Chandon
Veuve Clicquot
Le Bon Marché
Christian Dior
Emilio Pucci
Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs
TAG Heuer
Benefit Cosmetics
Givenchy Parfums
Make Up For Ever
Parfums Christian Dior