Pre-Loved Designer Bags: Where I Buy/Sell, Tips & Reviews

Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes Designer Handbags

There are so many places to buy pre-loved luxury goods. Buying pre-owned is great for saving hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on something pre-loved that would have cost you so much more when buying new. It’s daunting nowadays with how many places there are to buy and sell, PLUS the constant worry of unknowingly buying a counterfeit item.

Where I Buy Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Yoogi’s Closet, based in Seattle, WAis my go-to for buying pre-loved luxury. They authenticate all items in-house and provide all kinds of details about every item–from the year it was made to every flaw on the bag.  As far as pictures and descriptions go, they are THE BEST. Every angle, every nook and cranny is shown and discussed in their descriptions–which I really appreciate when I’m buying something that’s thousands of dollars online.  Every item in their store comes with an AUTHENTICITY PROMISE, and if you have any doubts, you can just return it, no questions asked. In addition, their customer service is outstanding and I’ve had responses within MINUTES from their customer service. Most of my handbag collection is from Yoogi’s Closet and I love the variety of rare and limited edition bags on this site.


Fashionphile, based in Carlsbad, CA, is one of my favorite places to browse bags–they truly have the best selection of luxury goods. Their prices are a little high sometimes, but their selection makes them standout because you can find something you really love.  I’ve never sold to Fashionphile but I wouldn’t hesitate to get a quote from them.


TheRealReal is somewhere I’ve never purchased from, but I really, really like their website. They have a HUGE variety of items from handbags to clothes to fine jewelry and home decor. It seems like every time I try to shop on their site I get so overwhelmed at everything they have available that I just give up.  They provide detailed information and photography for every listing.

Peer-to-Peer Buying and Selling

Tradesy is a site I’ve both bought and sold from. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace, similar to Craigslist or Facebook marketplace, but every item comes with a Tradesy Promise.

Of the two main p2p apps, I have had the best luck selling on Tradesy, plus I really like their selling user interface. The Tradesy Commission fee is 19.8% plus an additional small fee that they call a “safe transfer fee” of 2.9%.  I really appreciate that Tradesy offers three shipping options for sellers:

  • Tradesy sends you a Shipping Kit with a Tradesy branded box, dust bag or polybag and shipping label–that way, when your buyer receives the item, it’s packaged really nicely in a Tradesy box. If you elect this option, they charge the buyer for this fee but it comes out of your final payout.
  • Print a pre-paid label and ship using your own materials. If you elect this option, they charge the buyer for this fee but it comes out of your final payout.
  • Use your own materials and submit tracking once you ship.

Poshmark is another peer-to-peer marketplace and app. I’ve listed items on Poshmark and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of their app and the social component of it, but I have never actually sold or purchased anything on Poshmark.

Facebook Buy & Sell Groups
Recently, I started using Facebook groups for researching, buying and selling. You can make the most money by selling in these groups, but there is a larger risk of getting scammed. There are groups for every designer, but the LV and Chanel groups are the ones I browse the most. I was able to sell a Louis Vuitton Epi Petit Noe for almost exactly what I paid for it ($895), and a vintage Chanel Camera Case for a small profit. When you post an item for sale in a group, Facebook automatically posts it on Facebook Marketplace so you may get messages from people in your local area too!

Louis Vuitton Addicted – Buy Sell & Chat

Chanel Addicted – Buy Sell & Chat

 You can also post ISO (in search of) posts with a budget included and people will comment with similar items for sale.   Many members are also active in other handbag groups and on Instagram. An added benefit is that you can connect with lots of handbag loving folks too, and maybe even make some friends!

Depop is another peer-to-peer marketplace that’s more geared towards fast fashion and less towards designer goods–but people keep telling me to give it a try. I downloaded the app last night and I can’t stand the typeface they use in their app so I might delete it.



Tips For Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags Online

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Got a bag in mind already? Use Google Search or any of the sites I listed above to find it.
  3. Not sure what bag you have in mind? Start by looking on Pinterest for the style you want–shoulders bags/clutches, etc. Look at Instagram Hashtags for ideas, i.e. #LouisVuittonSpeedy will bring up over 100k of posts featuring Speedy bags.
  4. Do your research. If the bag is current, how much does the bag sell for at full retail? My rule of thumb for current styles is that if I’m not getting more than 20% off retail, it’s not worth it to buy pre-owned. If the bag isn’t a current style, how much did it sell for when it was in stores, and how much is the same bag selling for on other sites?  Is it a rare/limited edition item?

Tips For Selling Designer Bags Online

  1. Know some basic information about your item: the proper style name, date code/serial number, year it was made, original retail price, etc. This will help you get a better quote or more money for it.  If you have questions about how to identify your bag, let me know in the comments and I’m happy to help.
  2. Take a lot of photos of your item. The more angles, the better. Make sure to get a picture of any logos, labels, or tags on or inside the bag.
  3. Describe the condition of the bag. Accurate descriptions can help the buyer know exactly what they’re getting or for the company you’re trying to sell to give you the most accurate quote. The bottom corners and handles carry the most wear, so be sure to look those over and describe any wear and tear.
  4. Get a few quotes from a variety of places. You may find that one site gives you a better quote but wants you to pay for your own shipping, and another pays for shipping and offers you added benefits like getting more money if you opt for payment in store credit.
  5. If you decide to sell through a FB Group, I recommend using PayPal because they can help you if something shady happens. If you’re selling, make sure you take pictures of every step of the shipping process and create an invoice for your records.

Hadoro Luxury Tech Accessories

Tech lover? Got €590 to drop on headphones? Obsessed with exotic leathers and handcrafted accessories? Allow me to introduce you to Hadoro.

Aren’t these beautiful!?

These AirPods Case by Hadoro are handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen at the company’s atelier in Besançon, France with genuine American alligator, each with a sleek H emblem made from stainless steel. The earphones are finished with a highly durable, scratch-resistant black coating.

Hadoro Black carbon Alligator Case for iPhone X Stainless Steel

Hadoro Black Carbon Alligator iPhone X Case—€340.00 EUR

Hadoro Black Alligator Finger Case for iPhone X

Hadoro Black Alligator Finger Case for iPhone X—€400.00 EUR

Hadoro Black Calfskin Grained Leather Case for iPhone X

Hadoro Black Calfskin Grained Case for iPhone X — €99.00 EUR


Hadoro Paris

About Hadoro

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Hadoro is a brand specializing in luxury high-end tech and leather products. As the leading atelier in luxury technology, the company designs, sources, and crafts luxury tech accessories.

Hadoro specializes in custom iPhone covers and accessories that are handmade at the company’s atelier in Besançon, France with luxe materials such as alligator, 18-carat gold and VVS diamonds, titanium, and fine leathers.

What strikes me about Hadoro is their design and appreciation for luxury materials. Maybe l just haven’t noticed it before, but I’ve never seen custom AirPod cases—especially not in exotic skins. I appreciate good design, especially involving these difficult to use materials.

The prices are in-line with other luxury goods, especially for exotic skins. I’d compare these with Hermes pieces for their hand-crafted, custom look. That said, I know it’s exorbitant to spend $400 on a phone case for your $1000 iPhone but if that’s what’s you want to do, go for it. They’d look nice in a Himalayan Croc Birkin… Just don’t forget to donate to local charity too.

Right now, Hadoro accessories are available at several Barney’s locations in the US and various stores throughout Europe.   What do you think of these? Crazy? Awesome?




Cappuccinos and Croissants with Yves Saint Laurent

I’m on a shopping ban right now so instead, I spend my hard-earned money on cappuccinos and croissants.

My pink YSL is making such a good spring bag. Most of my wardrobe (and bags) are black, but having this light pink bag adds a nice pop of color without being too much.

I’m almost a year into owning this YSL Chain Wallet (it’s the small version). It can barely hold anything—basically just my phone, keys, and cards. It’s small, but it’s the perfect size for just the bare essentials which is hardly anything. I bought this bag for occasions I don’t want to carry very many things (which is almost all the time).

Instagram Story Template: Bag Addict Q&A

These Instagram Story templates going around are so much fun so I created this template all about bags. Just save the image and upload it to Instagram stories, then add your answers using the text tool. Make sure to tag @coffeeandhandbags in your IG story to share your answers and a chance to be featured.

Instagram Story Template
Instagram Story Template Bag Addict Q&A |

How to upload an image and add your own text to an Instagram story

  1. Save the image to your phone
  2. Open Instagram
  3. Swipe to the right or hit the camera at the top left corner.
  4. Instagram Stories screen will open.
  5. Swipe up. Your camera roll should come up.
  6. Select the Bag Addict Q&A image.
  7. Tap the Aa icon on the top right to add one line of text.
  8. For each line of text, hit the Aa icon again. Repeat until you’re finished answering. You can move and change the size of the text by dragging or pinching it.
  9. Tap the Your Story (Plus) icon on the bottom left to upload your Story.

Handbag Q&A (my answers)

My first designer bag: Marc Jacobs Single Mini Quilted WOC bag

The last bag I bought: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag in black

Today I’m carrying: Louis Vuitton Epi Alma BB

The next bag I want: Valentino Rockstud tote or mini crossbody, Chanel Classic Mini Rectangle or Givenchy Mini Antigona

My holy grail bag: Chanel Classic Mini Rectangle 😍

Have fun! Follow along on Instagram @coffeeandhandbags

Coach x Keith Haring Collection is kinda bonkers but kinda cool

Coach has created a collection to pay homage to AIDS activist and art icon Keith Haring in partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation. Coach’s signature craft and American attitude create a super cool and unexpected collection with Keith Haring’s iconic illustrations.

I’m a long time Coach leather goods fan. Like some of you, my very first handbag was Coach and I carried their bags for years: from a tiny black leather hobo bag in middle school to a larger structured white leather shoulder bag in high school to a black leather wristlet I still use to this day as a lipstick case and a vintage brown leather Dinky bag that I scoured eBay for years back. I like a lot of Coach’s designs and I love that they are made in the USA.

My admiration and history with Keith Haring is similar: something I’ve loved since my childhood. My parents admired his artwork, family friends with paintings on their walls line my memories and I’m sure a hip dentist I went to had his art on the walls too.

Keith Haring was a prominent NYC artist in the 80s. Sadly, like so many men in the 80s, he died of AIDS. His art often expressed concepts related to birth, death, war, love, peace, community, and sexuality.

He was an iconic, badass graphic artist who created exuberant graffiti-like drawings of familiar shapes like barking dogs, dancing chalk outlines and flying saucers. It was fun, and captured the spirit of NYC in the 80s and 90s.

Together, Coach and late Keith Haring’s estate have come up with a limited edition collaboration that’s whimsical, modern and perfect for young fashionistas, modern gala goers, bloggers, and/or fashion influencers… and at a somewhat reasonable price point with a late-80s/90s America flare. Designed with bold embroidery of motifs and lined with Keith Haring’s take on prairie florals, these pieces try hard to be cool, and some of the time they succeed.

Coach X Keith Haring Collab Favorites

Some of the pieces are not my style, but some of them are oddly appealing. Coach’s designs are functional and classic and paired with Keith Haring’s badass art, there are definite wins in this collection.

Coach x Keith Haring White Crossbody Clutch — $195

I didn’t know I needed a white leather crossbody with a pink shape of an alligator man dancing but maybe I fucking do. And it’s two zip compartments? And it’s got a cute floral interior?! This bag is my #aestheticgoals. Here, Coach—take my $195.

Coach x Keith Haring Monster Black Leather Zip Pouch — $295

I don’t know what that shape is but I’m feeling it.Coach x Keith Haring Monster Black Leather Zip Pouch

Coach x Keith Haring Market Tote — $350

You don’t need to be an X Files superfan to need a UFO on your new tote. I’m not really into the weird green/purple gradient but that’s just me.

Coach x Keith Haring UFO Market Tote

Coach x Keith Haring Rogue 25 Heart — $650

The Rogue 25 design is nice; I’m surprised that this is my first time admiring it. The structure, those top handles, and even the leather sequin pink heart (it borders on tacky but I’m not mad).

Coach x Keith Haring Riley In Signature Patchwork — $695

I think this is cool… it’s kind of an throwback but also fun and cheeky. Also, it has a metal frame coin pouch on the back, which is a pretty badass detail and an impressive feat of design.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed with Louis Vuitton My LV World Tour and Gucci’s wacky embroidery, etc., there’s something weird happening where luxury brands are mimicking the sticker/patch design that we DIYed as youth. We handpicked pins and patches to create bespoke accessories that showed little pieces of ourselves and our memories—but now these brands deciding what we say about ourselves instead.

Coach x Keith Haring Riley In Signature Patchwork

Coach x Keith Haring Metallic Smoke Oil Slick Heart Frame Pouch — $175

This is just really fucking cool. The oil slick leather sequin heart is unexpected; I’ve never seen that before. Silver leather is underrated.

Frame pouches are classic—do you remember your grandma carrying a coin pouch? Did you have one as a little girl? Women used to carry things like this around because they didn’t need to carry anything, now we use them as a tiny removable compartment in our big totes because we have so much to carry.

Coach x Keith Haring Metallic Smoke Sequin Heart Frame Coin Purse

Coach x Keith Haring Ice Blue Heart Camera Bag — $295

Why don’t you need a small blue crossbody with a heart on it? Hello beautiful leather. Look at that blue/natural leather shoulder strap. That’s nice.

Coach X Keith Haring Heart Crossbody Camera BagCoach X Keith Haring Sequin Heart Camera Crossbody Bag

Coach x Keith Haring Ice Blue Heart Market Tote — $395

Girly and cute but still fashion-forward. The black border and lines around the heart makes this heart tote look more cool than kindergarten.

Coach X Keith Haring Small Zip Wallet — $125

Uhhh, is this the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the romantic gal in your life?! Somehow a simple heart becomes modern AF when it’s by Keith Haring?


Coach x Keith Haring Pouch — $150

This goth tropical scene looks so damn cool with a Keith Haring Monster graphic on it. Wow. Hi.

Coach x Keith Haring Emerald Green Leather Zip Pouch — $295

This green + black combo initially feels like a “no” but I still feel oddly attracted to it. Is it the dancing alligator man barking at me to unzip? We’ll never know.

Coach x Keith Haring Emerald Green Leather Zip Pouch

Coach x Keith Haring Card Holder — $95

Both of these would look so cute in your Instagram #CoffeeAndHandbags flat lays.

Coach x Keith Haring Pink Leather Heart Card CaseCoach x Keith Haring Black Leather Card Case

Bottom line, I really like a few of these pieces. I could picture them in my collection, but I think I have a few more things on my wishlist that I want more. That said, I’m accepting gifts and would love the little white crossbody or that silver heart coin purse. Paging Coach PR department…

What do you think about the Coach x Keith Haring collection?


Bag Review: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag

New in: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag!

This is my very first Gucci bag ever.

I’ve been admiring the Gucci Marmont collection since it first came on the market. I wasn’t a huge fan of Gucci designs before, aside from their brand history (like Hermes, they started out making equestrian accessories like bits and saddles). I’d admire details like the red/green Gucci webbing but I didn’t love it. The Soho collection is classic but I didn’t like the tassel; the GG monogram isn’t really my style; Guccissima (the leather embossed Gucci monogram), is durable and classic but the only style I considered was the Sukey, but it felt kinda dated too.

Then Gucci Marmont bags started popping up on my instagram. That gold GG logo and chevron quilting ignited something in my soul. Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele worked tirelessly to get these bags into the hands of influencers and has brought Gucci a huge amount of success in the last two years. Now in charge of the direction of the company, he has brought the brand into the new era to appeal to a younger demographic.

The GG Marmont design is inspired by a buckle Gucci used in the 1970s. Each bag features a bold GG logo motif as the main ornament with details like chevron quilting, The designs are both daring and compelling, perfect for young fashionistas and Instagram influencers.

When a Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag in Black popped up on Yoogi’s Closet, I grabbed my Louis Vuitton Epi card case and pulled out my credit card. I was sooooooo excited when the tracking number arrived in my email inbox that said she would arrive at my house THE NEXT DAY. Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag Review |

I waited for UPS in my living room all day for that box. When the UPS guy finally walked up to my door, I told him I’d been waiting all day for him. It must be nice to have that kind of power.

Bag Review: Gucci Marmont Matelasse Mini Camera Bag

Basically… I LOVE IT. It’s small in size but big in style. It looks good with every outfit, whether I’m wearing my Mackage leather jacket or Northface rain jacket. I’ve worn it grocery shopping and out to dinner; it’s safe to say I love how versatile this bag is. It’s one of my more “flashy” bags, in that it’s a familiar logo that non-handbag people know, so I do try to be careful if I’m in public.

What I love: This is one of my most photogenic bags—it’s so dang cute! I love the chevron quilted smooth leather and gold interlocking G logo on the front with an embroidered GG on the rear. The bag opens with a leather zipper pull that’s really easy to use and doesn’t get in the way. The strap has a chain base and a long leather piece for comfort. I usually leave it unzipped, but sometimes when I grab the bag, it kinda tips over but I’ve never had my stuff fall out.

  • Current Retail Price: $980
  • What I paid pre-owned: $795
  • Size: 7″ L x 2.4″ W x 4.75″ H
  • Opening: zip top closure with leather pull
  • Interior: microfiber suede-like lining with one flat pocket
  • Style number: 448065 (on the underside of the interior leather tag)

What I don’t like: the interior is a little staticky, sometimes my items get stuck to it. The strap is a little long on me—I’m 5’1″ and it sits right at my hip. The strap is shorter than a Chanel WOC though!

Starbucks coffee and Gucci Marmont handbag | CoffeeAndHandbags.comGucci Marmont handbag and latte art |

Gucci Marmont Chevron Quilted Mini Camera Bag mod shot |

What fits inside the Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Louis Vuitton Zip Key Pouch
  • Louis Vuitton Simple Card Holder
  • Port and Polish Pill Box
  • Headphones
  • Keys
  • One or two lipsticks

So, it’s just enough for an evening out or a light daytime outing.

Size comparison: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag versus Louis Vuitton Favorite PM and YSL Chain Wallet

Gucci Marmont Mini Camera size comparison with LV Favorite PM and YSL WOC |

How does the Gucci Marmont wear?

When I got it from Yoogi’s Closet, it had a very small loose thread on the back. I kinda freaked at first, and considered bringing it somewhere to be repaired, but I changed my mind and used nail clippers to snip it. I’m keeping my eye on it and I’m trying not to let it bother me. Gucci Marmont loose thread and wear

I’ve read about some issues with the piping on the bottom of the bag curling upwards, but mine seems to be fine.

The smooth leather seems durable and has no wrinkles so far.

On a recent trip, I bumped some rocks and scuffed one of the corners. Naturally, I freaked out. After I got home, I took a soft microfiber cloth and was able to buff out most of the scratches. I plan use a leather conditioner on it too to allow the leather to heal.

The interior microfiber lining is a bit static and loose things tend to stick to it. I had some lipstick melt into the lining and was able to clean it with Woolite.

Overall, I really love this bag. I love the gold hardware and quilted leather. It’s small but larger than my YSL chain wallet. I think it’s a classic bag that we’ll be seeing for years.

Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag Review |

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Chanel Sues Reseller What Goes Around Comes Around

Fashionista reported today that Chanel has sued reseller What Goes Around Comes Around for selling mock Chanel mirrors and memorabilia with unauthorized usage of their logo.

What Goes Around Comes Around has brick and mortar stores in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami and the Hamptons, but maybe more known for having an e-commerce site that sells a lot of secondhand Chanel. Like, pages and pages of vintage Chanel. reports:

The luxury fashion house filed a lawsuit against WGACA in New York on Wednesday alleging counterfeiting and trademark infringement, false advertising, unfair competition and false endorsement. Among Chanel’s claims are that WGACA is misleading its customers into believing it has an official relationship with Chanel. According to the filing, WGACA “has attempted to deceive consumers into falsely believing that Defendant WGACA has some kind of approval of or relationship or affiliation with Chanel or that Chanel has authenticated WGACA’s goods in order to trade off of Chanel’s brand and good will.” The filing points out that WGACA “purports to sell genuine Chanel-branded point-of-sale items including, tissue box covers, trays, and mirrors, which are not authorized for sale to the public by Chanel,” and that Chanel “has explicitly refused WGACA’s requests to enter” into an official relationship or affiliation.

Okay, so they were pissed about a few things, but especially WGACA selling “Chanel-branded” mirrors, trays, and tissue box covers (primary used for decor in the home, of course) that were originally used at cosmetic counters.

I wonder if now that Chanel as a brand understands the magnetism of their CC’s as design elements, they could branch out into home decor.

It would be on-brand, after all. Coco was always designing everything, especially her suite at the Ritz Paris, where she lived from 1934 until her passing in 1971. Designed with the style and sophistication Coco Chanel is known for, the massive suite has that elegant Chanel touch with opulent furnishings—think lacquered screens, gilded mirrors, and a velvet banquette.

So maybe home decor could be good—find the Chanel girl and let her design her life just as Chanel would have wanted to live hers: surrounded in opulence with an homage to humble beginnings; a nod to the past with an appreciation for luxury.

Anyway, back to the lawsuit. continues to explain

Other alleged offenses include using Chanel marketing materials, images of Chanel-brand products, Chanel advertisements and trademarks on social media, using the hashtag #WGACAChanel and guaranteeing authenticity on items that are not guaranteed by Chanel. Chanel also says it has learned that WGACA has sold counterfeit items, including a handbag and a fake Chanel-branded tissue box cover.

Chanel is using trademark law here because the fashion house thinks that what with all of the luxury branding that’s being used by WGACA, there’s going to be a likelihood of confusion for consumers,” says Above the Law editor Staci Zaretsky. “There’s no relationship to speak of between the two companies, so WGACA’s continued use of Chanel branding is almost offensive.”

Oops. I think this implies that resellers need to be careful when marketing to consumers (especially online) that the item they are buying is secondhand and not related to Chanel’s brand by any means.

I don’t know who in would have had the idea that What Goes Around Comes Around and any other reseller/consignment shop that sells secondhand items would be associated with the brands they sell.

Is Chanel going to sue every other second hand site? I can’t blame them from wanting to make people purchase solely from them but I don’t think they can stop people from reselling.

Lesson learned? Maybe, but probably not.

Knowingly selling fakes is illegal, especially at the prices that authentic Chanel items go.

Unfortunately, despite best efforts from brands, lawyers and government agencies alike, counterfeiting is still a huge business; maybe even more with Instagram and WatsApp making it so easy. I get at least 10 followers day that sell “inspired by” designer bags.

It’s not just online. In Asia, there were stores wall to wall with counterfeit, designer inspired “Louis Vuitton” bags. Stall after stall in alleyways in Marrakech, Morocco, there they were too. On a main shopping street in Mexico, I counted at least two stands with counterfeit bags.

I understand Chanel defending their brand… but picking on a reputable company that’s selling authentic Chanel products (handbags, etc.) and a few novelty items (Chanel tissue boxes) seems a little like low-hanging fruit.

Maybe going after the larger company offers better safety against potential customers that may think less of Chanel if they have a bad experience with What Goes Around Comes Around?

I’m not sure. Either way, counterfeiting sucks.

What Is Coffee and Handbags?

Coffee and handbags is a creative collective, brand design and digital media agency dedicated to the collecting of designer handbags and an appreciation for a damn good cup of coffee.

Things we love:

  • Designer handbags (and indie designers!)
  • Chanel Caviar leather (literally it’s perfect); Louis Vuitton Twist bag; Hermes everything; Gucci Dionysus; the YSL monogram logo; Goyard, because if you know, you know.
  • Hardware, hardware, hardware
  • Latte art
  • The perfect pour-over
  • Custom La Marzocco espresso machines
  • White marble
  • Using real-life accessories as “props”
  • Documenting the design of cafes & spaces

If you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #coffeeandhandbags and tag @coffeeandhandbags to be featured.

Get In Touch

If you’re in the Seattle area, Coffee and Handbags is a photography, content creation and styling studio. If you have the handbags or the coffee, we can make some magic happen in the form of your feed getting a lot prettier.

Coffee and Handbags flat lay table top by Becca Risa Luna @beccarisa

Introduce yourself below—coffee and handbags is nothing without you.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your coffee.

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